The Story of Stitchy Women

Stitchy Women has been reborn with a new Diva, Mary Lee Harris.  Marlee and Sue have left but are not forgotten.  They promise to spend time with us knitting and eating chocolate.  Hopefully you will see them teaching some classes too.

Now, a little about me, I recently retired from a 45 year career in accounting.  My daughter helped me to define my post retirement goal:  to spend my retirement years doing what I wished I had time to do; namely crafts.  All through her childhood she remembers the various craft projects I enjoyed, knitting being one of them.  In 1961, I started my first knitting project, a wool sweater for my husband Bob for Christmas.  He was in the service and I was traveling to see him for Christmas.  The day before Christmas the sweater was missing a sleeve.  I remember knitting like mad in the post guest house while he worked.  With the help of my mother-in-law, who sewed all but the missing sleeve, my sweater was completed for Christmas.  Bob loved the sweater and wore it all the time for years.  That began my enjoyment of knitting.  About 10 years later, my dearest friend Marilyn introduced me to the “German” or Continental knitting style.  I’ve been a convert ever since!

I’ve been open since February 2007 and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you.  I look forward to meeting many more. I’m very excited about this wonderful and unique shop.   I love meeting all you enthusiastic knitters while connecting with some old friends!